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My Artwork Album 5

Drew and Misty Part 1 (UNCENSORED) | Cat's Eye | No Flaunt (Pen ink Drawning) | Fairy Queen | Midnight Hour Tunnel | For Henry's Birthday | For Chris's Birthday | Ibises and Hawk | Undeniable Influence and The Favourite | Empty Beach | Garda Lake

More artworks, and all the blah  blahs you should know about already if you've checked the previouses Artwork Albums Pages ;)
Because you DID, didn't you?
Lovely :P :P :P

The term "Artwork" is probably and very likely too much of a big word to define what I create using pencils and colours, but anyway, again and forever, what I try to communicate with my way to performing visual creativity is a deep love and passion for life. And that I try to bring and share also IN my life :)
Hope you get it sometime, lookin at what it's on my pages here and in the Renderosity Website where you can find my artworks also commented with words and poems just searching for "gallimel" throught artists' pages there :)

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