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My Artwork Album 5
Drew and Misty Part 1 (UNCENSORED)


Drew and Misty Part 1 (UNCENSORED) | Cat's Eye | No Flaunt (Pen ink Drawning) | Fairy Queen | Midnight Hour Tunnel | For Henry's Birthday | For Chris's Birthday | Ibises and Hawk | Undeniable Influence and The Favourite | Empty Beach | Garda Lake

This is the way this picture looks, which wasn't allowed the same look in Renderosity due to decency copyright policy.
To be honest, I felt shattered to not post it the way it is there as well, as it's all but offensive, and you don't see anything actually.
It's part of a saga I am meant to do... I feel lot of erotism lately goin on in my life ;)

The power of love and passion...

Drew and Misty (part 1)
by gallimel

pencil and oil crayons on paper