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My Artwork Album 5
No Flaunt (Pen ink Drawning)


Drew and Misty Part 1 (UNCENSORED) | Cat's Eye | No Flaunt (Pen ink Drawning) | Fairy Queen | Midnight Hour Tunnel | For Henry's Birthday | For Chris's Birthday | Ibises and Hawk | Undeniable Influence and The Favourite | Empty Beach | Garda Lake

while some annoying "shadows" still bother me at Renderosity, and my friends, (ShadowIam, , and you really are aren't you Nancy Delliber? See what I say in Artwork Album number 4 under "The Bite of Snakes" and pity this 70 years old with no better way to waste  her time than bother me..) I have to say I really love still that place because it can happen I find people like Conny and ElPollo there. They are lately doing artworks at uni using inks.. and so I tried for once a pen kind of drawning, because they say me I can try as well .
You inspire me, guys!!! Keep up the love for art.. and beware shadows ;) some of them are as annoying as biting of snakes ;)

by gallimel


penball drawning