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Artistic Gifts From Lovely People

Ever since my first times in Renderosity, I have had the immense pleasure of seeing that many people there were so kind and cute, that they were "giftin" me with images dedicated to me, or inspired by me, or my artworks...

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Note and disclaimer: All the images here are exclusive property of the owner of this site and of the artists who created them. Being personal homages, I show them here in my site but it's forbidden any copy or manipulation of them who wasn't previously accepted and agreed by the creators of them, and by the owner of this website.
Please contact me through contact page for any info.

Angel, by DarkAngel


James' lovely homage...
It looks amazing as savescreen man.. thank you :)

Music you hear is courtesy of the delicate heart of Milton Aponte :) He sent me this song, and I felt it like the loveliest of homages of art :) A wonderful musical choice sweet friend :) Thank you :)

Meli, by DarkAngel


This page is my way to thank all those who share something deep with me. I don't know why I can inspire you, but your cute care inspires me a lot, it makes me feel good , and makes me enjoy my life even more than I normally do. In these pages, I see the way the Love inside other's blessed souls can be a light for my own one as well, a reason to shine even in days when I don't feel that good.
I am not at all the anjelic creature some of you think to see in my smiles or eyes, but I am workin on that, i am workin for attempting to be everyday a better person. You are a further push to it, because you gift me with affection and tenderness. You are so lovely. I will thank you forever, and you know I do feel this friendship deeply, even if with some of you we won't maybe ever shake hands for real in a whole life. It doesn't matter. You still precious to me :)
(and we could always meet one day.. I love when it happens around the world)
Hugs, your devotedly Meli :)